Front Desk Attendant 

Goldstein Health, Recreation, Fitness Center
Front Desk Job Description

The primary function of the Front Desk Attendant is to monitor and assist all visitors of the Recreation Center.  By actively greeting each visitor, checking for proper identification, answering phone calls, and in some cases issuing equipment, you will satisfy the visitor's needs. 

Responsibilities include: Professionally, pleasantly, and actively greet each person.  Attend training seminars.  Check for proper identification from every person that enters the doors.  Do not allow someone to enter with out an ID.  Know and enforce all rules and regulations of the Recreation Center.  Notify supervisor or Athletic Department Staff in case of a disturbance.  Answer the phone for the Recreation Center.  Do not leave Front Desk unattended.  Distribute guest passes when needed.  Be familiar with emergency procedures.  Issue equipment if Equipment Room is closed.  Be willing to assist Athletic Department if necessary. 

Requirements:  Excellent Communication skills, Excellent Customer Service skills, Some Computer skills, Ability to enforce rules and regulations.

To apply:

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