1.1  Mission Statement

The mission of intercollegiate athletics at Pace University is to support the greater mission and strategic plan of the University in general by providing opportunities for students to participate in intercollegiate athletic programs as a supplement to their academic experience at the University. The intercollegiate athletics program also has an important role in enriching the quality of life at the University and surrounding community, and to be a source of pride for the University among students, faculty and staff, alumni, and other citizens of the state and nation.

1.2       The intercollegiate athletics program at Pace University expects to fulfill its mission responsibilities through the following guiding principles: 

  • Operating within the rules of the NCAA, the intercollegiate athletics conference of current membership and all academic and business policies and procedures of the University. The principle of academic integrity will continue to be applied to athletic programming decisions in order to ensure that the educational values, practices and mission of Pace University determine the standards by which the intercollegiate athletic program is conducted.
  • To recruit student/athletes who have the ability to excel in the classroom at a higher Level than that of the general student body. 
  • To seek competitive athletic excellence in the NCAA Division II, consistent with the philosophy/mission statement of NCAA Manual bylaw 20.10.
  • Enforcing standards of social conduct and sportsmanship such as respect, citizenship, civility and honesty established to govern the conduct of intercollegiate athletics. Provide opportunities for student-athletes to foster a better understanding of critical social issues, to improve their personal communication skills and to develop leadership qualities that will enhance their capacity to serve as leaders while conforming to the “Life in the Balance” philosophy of Division II standards. 
  • Be a vehicle to create positive public relations and visibility for the entire University. To provide a continuous program of university/community relations designed to emphasize the educational values of competitive sports as integral parts of the education curriculum. 
  • To maintain a strong commitment to the principles of diversity and equity and to the welfare of the student-athlete. Pace University will comply with gender equity regulations and affirmative action goals in such areas as hiring, promotion, training, and general work environment.